Preparing a DUI Defence

It is vital that you record the details surrounding a drinking and driving charge as soon as possible. This information is crucial to your defence.

Do not discuss your alcohol consumption or any other information surrounding your charge with anyone but your lawyer. Doing so could undermine your defence.

Don’t discuss case with witnesses

Among other things, it’s important to provide your lawyer with the names and contact information for witnesses who may have observed your driving or level of sobriety before your arrest. Do not discuss your case with these witnesses. Doing so may give rise to suspicion that you coordinated your testimony.

Do not discuss your case with family or friends. These people could be called as character witnesses to bolster the credibility of your testimony. If you tell them about the incident (e.g., “I was drunk”) and you tell the court something different (e.g., “I was sober”), the prosecutor could uncover this discrepancy in cross-examining them.

Obtain phone records

If police say you were weaving, phone records that show you were on a cell phone at the time, thus explaining your weaving, should be obtained and preserved.

As a lawyer will know what evidence needs to be pursued, it is important to consult with one as soon as possible following your release from police custody.