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Ontario Courts

Judgments of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice

Under Criminal Rules in the Ontario Court of Justice


Federal Statutes:

Provincial Legislation:

Ontario Highway Traffic Act

Other Ontario Statutes and Regulations


Department of Justice Canada

Crown Policy Manual
Compendium of principles that guide Ontario Crown prosecutors.

Legal Organizations

Criminal Lawyers’ Association
A leading voice for criminal justice and civil liberties in Canada.

Law Society of Upper Canada
Need help finding a lawyer in Ontario? Try the Law Society’s free referral service.

Justice for Children and Youth

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Legal Aid Ontario

The Charter for Children
A series of 14 kids books on the basic principles of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Empower your children!

Criminal Law Notebook
Reference source on Canadian criminal law.
Presents up-to-date Canadian crime news.

Legal Dictionary


Faces of Toronto
Toronto lawyer Robbie Bernstein is not only a highly skilled mediator. He’s also an amazing photographer. For more of his work see Impact Images

John Abrams
Expert on the interplay between Canadian immigration and criminal law.