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You are charged with assault and uttering a threat but you were so drunk at the time you don’t remember having committing these offences. You can successfully defend these charges based on intoxication.

A peace bond is not a criminal record.

There is no potential downside to entering a peace bond.

A court will order you to enter a peace bond only if the prosecutor establishes that the basis for the complainant’s fear that you will hurt him or damage his property is established beyond a reasonable doubt.

A man tells a police officer he will shoot him if he doesn’t get off his property. He is liable to conviction for uttering a threat.

If you witness an assault against a stranger and intervene by grabbing the assailant or pushing him away, you too are guilty of assault.

To prove the offence of utter death threat, the Crown must prove that the person threatened knew of the threat.

If X blinds Y with an intentional jab of his hockey stick in a hockey game melee, Y is not criminally liable because hockey players consent to fighting as part of the game.

It is an assault in Canada to punish a child by hitting him or her with an object, such as a belt or ruler.

You can be found guilty of threatening a group; a criminal threat need not be aimed at an individual.