Criminal defence work is more than a job. In representing my clients, I recognize that a criminal lawyer is often the last line of defence against the mindless juggernaut of the state and abuse of government authority.


The law is constantly evolving. While knowing the seminal cases is essential, it’s not enough. New decisions are released weekly on the scope of constitutional rights and on the legal intricacies of impaired driving and other offences. To stay cutting edge I keep abreast of these rulings.


I have been practicing criminal law, and nothing else, for 20 plus years. Knowing how to achieve the best possible result comes with experience. I know when to negotiate, when to fight, and how to do both effectively.

Painstaking attention to detail

In defending a criminal charge, the devil is often in the details. Your acquittal could come from an entry buried in a police officer’s notes. Or in a drinking driving case, it could come from an obscure line of data in an electronic printout from the breath-testing device. I dig for the details and leave no stone unturned.


In a showdown with the prosecutor, the victory often goes to the adversary that’s best prepared. I invest the necessary time, effort and resources.

Ron Jourard, Criminal Lawyer