Theft & Mischief

Mischief to Property

R. v. R.D.
January 2016

R.D. got drunk one afternoon and tore down his neighbors fence. The neighbor’s surveillance camera caught him red-handed. A charge of mischief to property ensued.

I persuaded the Crown to drop the charge provided Mr. D. pay to fix the fence. The Crown agreed.

Mischief to Property

R. v. J.V.
September 2015

J.V.’s father was in a court battle over an inheritance with his sister who lived across the street. As a result of mutual suspicions both sides equipped their homes with surveillance cameras. Allegedly, J.V. was caught on camera scratching his aunt’s two cars. This led to two charges of mischief to property over $5,000.

RESULT: The Crown agreed to withdraw the charges after J.V. reimbursed his aunt for the cost of the repairs. Although the Crown initially insisted that J.V. also sign a peace bond to stay away from his aunt, I persuaded the Crown to instead keep him on bail with a no-contact condition for a year after paying restitution.