Stunt Drivers, Racers Face Impoundment

Stunt Drivers, Racers Face Impoundment

Drive 50 kilometres an hour over the speed limit in Ontario or get caught racing or doing a prohibited stunt, and you will lose your licence and your car on the spot for seven days.

Racing and banned stunts include:

  • speeding 50 kilometres an hour or more over the speed limit
  • driving with a passenger in the trunk
  • driving with tires off the road, including popping a wheelie on a motorbike
  • driving while not sitting in the driver’s seat
  • performing doughnuts
  • chasing another motor vehicle
  • stopping or slowing to interfere with the movement of another vehicle
  • preventing another vehicle from passing

Aggressive left turns

Also considered a stunt is making a left turn after being stopped at a red light where there is opposing traffic just as the light changes to green (no advance green) and before the opposing traffic can pass.

Minimum $2,000 fine

If convicted, you’ll face a fine of up to $10,000 but no less than $2,000, and up to six months jail. Plus you could lose your licence for two more years for a first offence and up to 10 years if you do it again.

Get car back if stolen

If you’re the owner of a car that’s been impounded you can get it back before seven days are up only if you establish that it was stolen at the time it of the alleged racing or stunt.

A word of a caution: You could be charged with racing if you’re speeding less than 50 kilometres per hour over the limit if your speed is deemed a “marked departure from the lawful rate of speed.”

The tough new penalties took effect in Ontario on October 1, 2007.